An analysis of the wave a book by ben ross

Ben Ross thought that his experiment was going really good. The feeling of group unity created by the experience is eerily akin to a heady rush, and the addition of symbols, salutes, and slogans results in an emotionally charged atmosphere in which everyone is purportedly equal, but no one thinks for themselves.

Finally he shocked all his students with showing the film.

The Wave & Ben Ross: Nazism & Analysis

Finally he shocked all his students with showing the film. Amy believes that Laurie is doing this just because of her fight with David.

There is already a difference in behavior as they start to stop making jokes and reacting to them. He also notes that they are able to perform faster, and they cover more material; however, there is not much analysis, as if The Wave was getting rid of their sense of reasoning.

Laurie changes the subject. This feeling is overcoming him. Laurie describes The Wave to them. David Collins David Collins is a more moderate case, different in that he isn't as focused on belonging to a new group but to improve a group to which he already belongs.

He finds all the students in proper posture. Betty Lewis A friend of Christy Ross who plays tennis with her. Ben Ross's lesson on Adolph Hitler's fascist regime evolves into an exploration of the nature of the system through an innovative experiment in which the students are the subjects, and results in the initiation of conditions which create the phenomenon of The Wave.

He is a teacher at Gordon High School. As a result, his conflict comes from Ross begins by demanding militaristic obedience in his classroom as an exercise, stressing the power that can be achieved if students submit to disciplining themselves in pursuit of a common goal.

However, no one is affected as much as Robert Billings is. No one is there. The see Robert Billings eat at a table and other girls walk away. Ben Ross had the kids in his group sit with very good posture, and if they wanted to talk they had to address him as sir and they Stood up and talked very crisp and clear.

All the kids were really taking it serious and he was enjoying it too. That is why he is afraid of himself.

The Wave Themes

Saunders talks to Laurie about The Wave. George Snyder A student in Mr. Robert states that she must be stopped, but David says that he can take care of her.

So he seems to be like a little child. He told them that he never meant for it to get this far out of hand. For example when he is frightened of losing his job. The students leave one by one sadly. Moreover he has a good feeling to lead his students. The Book 4 The Wave 4 The experiment: The Third Wave 6 Controversies 7 Ben Ross, who cannot answer the question of why the Germans allowed Adolf Hitler and the genocidal Nazi Party to rise to power, acting in a manner Study Guide for The Wave.

The central theme of The Wave is the dynamic of fascism. Loosely defined, fascism is a dictatorial governmental system characterized by militarism, extreme patriotism, and the relinquishment of.

At Eric's prodding, he tells the other players about The Wave. Notes. The Wave already begins to take on its own power, as Ben Ross finds the first slogan still on the board and the students still showing rigorous discipline.

As leader, he did not ask for this - however, seeing these things in effect, he decides to feed The Wave further with a new slogan and rules. The Wave study guide contains a biography of Morton Rhue, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

It's pretty common for kids in school to feel powerless. Adults tell them what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

Characterization of Ben Ross - The Wave

Ben knows all this and he pretty much abuses that knowledge by promising them the power he knows they couldn't otherwise have. Pretty sneaky, Teacher Ben. The Wave by Todd Strasser is a hard-hitting and thought-provoking novel that recounts the experiment of a history teacher, Ben Ross, who tries to teach his students how a fascist regime can unfold by reproducing that process on a smaller scale/5(3).

An analysis of the wave a book by ben ross
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