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Love me and you shall see. On the roof of the opera house, Christine tells Raoul about her abduction and makes Raoul promise to take her away to a place where Erik can never find her, even if she resists.

The Phantom of the Opera

After being subcontracted to work on the foundations of the Palais Garnier, Erik had discreetly built himself a lair to disappear in, complete with hidden passages and other tricks that allowed him to spy on the managers. Other members of the opera staff begin trying to figure out where Christine has disappeared to but they are met with obstacles at every turn.

Fitzpatrick claims that "The Phantom of the Opera is not a great book, but it is a great read. I am a shameless lover of The Phantom of the Opera musical, which I have seen so many and not enough times, as well as the movie version starring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum.

But the next day they receive a letter from the opera ghost himself, thanking them for the lovely evening. The mysteries that Leroux uses in his novel about the Phantom are still mysteries. After her mother died, they used to take jobs playing music around town.

All I wanted was to be loved for myself. Christine is eventually given a position in the chorus at the Paris Opera House.

Phantom of the Opera (book report)

If she refuses he will destroy the entire Opera using explosives planted in the cellars, killing everyone in it including himself and Christine. But when a young man named Raoul DeChagny vies for the love of Christine, a deadly rivalry ensues- which will determine the fate of not only Christine, but of the entire Paris Opera House.

When it returned, it told her that if she gave her heart to a human man, the voice would have to return to heaven and leave her. He investigates the room once Christine leaves, only to find it empty. Some well known stage and screen adaptations of the novel are the film and the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

The Phantom of the Opera

Up on the roof of the Opera, Christine tells Raoul of Erik taking her to the cellars. When Erik leaves the room, Raoul is able to speak to Christine through the wall. Raoul, however, knows that she has once again been taken by the Phantom. He told her not to be afraid, and she realized that his voice the voice of the Angel.

Today we know that, no, just because a person is ugly or they are crippled or deformed does not mean they are the spawn of Satan. Event Description. Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA will make a triumphant return to Cleveland as part of its North American Tour.

Critics are raving that this breathtaking production is “bigger and better than ever before” and features a brilliant new scenic design by Paul Brown, Tony Award®-winning original costume.

This is a summary of the book, the Phantom of the Opera written by Gaston Leroux. However, if you are a student writing a book report on it, please stop asking me to help you plagiarize and steal my work for your own grade. #book #christine #erik #gaston #leroux #opera #phantom #douglasishere.coms: Nov 20,  · Need to report the video?

She believes he is the angel of music but he is known in the Opera House simply as The Phantom. Although she is fascinated and.

A summary of the Phantom of the Opera- Gaston Leroux

The Phantom of the Opera's origins came from Leroux's curiosity with the Phantom being real. In the prologue he tells the readers about the Phantom and the research that he did to prove the truth of the ghost.

He also makes the Persian promise that afterward he will go to the newspaper and report his death, as he will die soon and will die. The Phantom of the Opera The film, The Phantom of the Opera, directed by Joel Schumacher, is an adaptation of the Broadway musical The Phantom of.

This is the REAL Phantom of the Opera story by Gaston Leroux, to which Andrew Lloyd Weber was true. Any version-movie, play, cartoon, etc-previous to Lloyd-Weber's musical is not the true story, but a /5.

Phantom of the opera book report
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