Saturable core reactor

The mag amp was now safe to 4, volts and could handle the output of my solid-state Tesla coil. This effect is cleverly cancelled by running the AC through a pair of parallel loading coils which are wound in opposite directions.

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The smaller is called the loading coil. Its similarity to a transformer in construction technique and general appearance is striking. Two or more inductors in proximity that have coupled magnetic flux mutual inductance form a transformerwhich is a fundamental component of every electric utility power grid.

But there the similarity ends. The term air core coil describes an inductor that does not use a magnetic core made of a ferromagnetic material.

Amorphous Magnetic Cores For High Frequency Electronics

For example, skin effect, proximity effectand core losses increase R with frequency; winding capacitance and variations in permeability with frequency affect L. Inductors used to block very high frequencies are sometimes made by stringing a ferrite bead on a wire.

These devices operate at high chopping frequencies around 20 kHz and are generally designed to generate only low levels of harmonics.

Saturable reactor

The size of the core can be decreased at higher frequencies. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. In each of the above options, the winding can be accomplished on a separate mandrel and assembled onto the C-core after the winding process.

Mag Amps in Radio The first patent for a mag amp was inbut little attention was paid until when radio pioneer E. The amplifier is adjusted so that the core is normally in a non-saturated state. From Alltronics I also got spools of magnet wire — 26 for the two loading coils and 30 for the control coil.

Their appearance is very similar to a typical electrical transformer, but the function is completely different.

saturable reactor

As a result, a small core made of this material offers higher performance in suppression of surge current and voltage. With the core completely within the coil, the impedance to the flow is high, permitting perhaps only a fraction of a volt to appear across the load.

Real inductors are increasingly being replaced by active circuits such as the gyrator which can synthesize inductance using capacitors.

Saturable reactor

This would be quite a task for a vacuum tube and probably beyond any transistor. Very low audio noise emission. In the years between the wars, the Germans had brought the magnetic amplifier to a high state of development. Appreciating its indestructibility, the Nazi military used it in gun stabilizers, in automatic pilots, and in missile-guidance, including the rocket stabilizer and steering systems of the V The greater the flux, the lower will be the impedance of the output winding.

Withdrawn Standards A4- Withdrawn Specification for Medium-Carbon-Steel Splice Bars A5- Withdrawn Specification for High-Carbon Steel Joint Bars. Introduction to Harmonics.

Saturable Reactor Winding Configurations

The quality of electrical power supply is an important issue both for utility companies and users, but that quality may affected by electromagnetic disturbances. Among these disturbances it must be highlighted harmonics that happens in all voltage levels and whose study, calculation of acceptable values and correction methods are defined in IEC Standard Equipment that generate harmonics.

In industrial applications, the main types of equipment that generate harmonics are: static converters, arc furnaces, lighting, saturated reactors and other equipment, such as rotating machines which generate slot harmonics (often negligible). By using a saturable reactor in series with either a semiconductor or thyratron switch, the circuit designer can reduce losses in the switch and extend its life.

The saturable reactor is designed to hold-off current until the switch becomes fully conductive (Figure 2).

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Saturable core reactor
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